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Arizona Bouys – The Water Ski Scene in Arizona

Thank you Russell Wilkinson for allowing me to share this fantabulous video you created! 


Calgary Water Ski Lake Making a Splash!

Calgary Water Ski Lake Making a Splash! Kalaina Kozak, national slalom Girls 3 Champion 2014. Photo: Danyael Halprin CALGARY HERALD

How Do Water Skiers Celebrate New Years?

Yes, water skiers are a different breed of athlete. They love to push it to the extreme and do the outrageous in the name of love for their sport.  It has become quite the tradition to get that first set of skiing in on New Year’s Day.  I must admit that I have been a […]

BrianAlf 1-1-15

Ski Lake Comparison_Branded JPEG 300

Private Water Ski Lakes of Arizona: How do they compare?

Lakeside Ski Village, as featured in the Arizona Republic

  Below is an excerpt from an article from the Arizona Republic that featured Lakeside Ski Village and all that it has to offer. For the full article, please click on this link: LAKESIDE SKI VILLAGE – Water ski community “During the week, Susan Talarico searches Scottsdale and the Web for properties to represent for buying […]